Consulting - Sales & Marketing

We perform consulting projects for the sales & marketing area. Selected examples (not exhaustive) are below. Ask us to share our full portfolio of project capabilities in an in-person visit to your offices.

  • Spare Parts Pricing
    We help our clients improve the way they do spare parts pricing. This includes strategic as well as operational improvements. This includes complete re-design efforts as well as just surgically targeted improvements. Our expertise in the area of pricing is unique, few consultants can match the depth of understanding and experience that Aurelis can bring to this subject.

  • Business Model Design
    We help our clients to review the current business model and re-design aspects of the business model. While projects vary in nature, this could include an evaluation of the current business model as well as future trend analysis. 

  • Performance Evaluation
    Use us to take stock of your current organization, processes and outputs. Aurelis' consultants visit you on-site to analyze every aspect of your aftersales business. We use structured checklists to diagnose your level of excellence in each business area and then provide you with a commentary on strengths and weaknesses.

  • Forecasting & Future Trends
    One of our projects is to look at future trends and make recommendations on how to adapt the business model. How can OEMs face the challenges presented by new trends such as 3D printing of spare parts, carsharing, telematics, the internet of things, etc.?

  • Geomarketing

How can you take advantage of the opportunities in your service and parts sales network? Where does the independent aftermarket have outlets? What is the level of customer convenience offered? How can your service level be adapted to become more relevant to the customer and the level of local competition? Aurelis uses cutting-edge geomarketing tools to optimize your aftersales set-ups.