Consulting - Supply Chain

We perform consulting projects for the supply chain area. Selected examples (not exhaustive) are below. Ask us to share our full portfolio of project capabilities in an in-person visit to your offices.

  • Network Design
    This area contains the classical supply chain project work of network design (number of warehouses, size, location / center of gravity, inventory deployment, flows, etc.).
  • Service Level Determination
    This project questions the traditional definition of service levels in aftersales. It looks at the true service level needs in the market based on customer needs and competition and re-sets the service levels. One very important development is the aspect of segmented service level. Let Aurelis help you to move your service level strategy and tap the enormous potential to boost your profitability.
  • Inventory Management

This is another classical project type concerned with assessing inventory levels in the supply chain network. We look at things such as the service level, order types, spare parts assortment, inventory levels, supplier management, forecasting, reorder algorithms, all-time-buys, etc. Our highly statistical approach including improved algorithms and simulation can save you millions in your supply chain.

  • Transportation Assessment
    Transportation is a vital aspect of your supply chain. Do you know if your logistics are set up optimally? If your processes are working properly? If you are spending your money correctly? Transportation assessment projects look at all the relevant aspects of how OEMs handle transportation in their supply chain. This is one of the quickest and fastest ways to save a lot of money and improve customer service.

  • Contract Negotiation Support
    Are you working with one or more 3PLs in your supply chain? Do you have fully or partially outsourced operations? Let Aurelis help you to design a more successful contract with your 3PLs that leads to lower costs and higher service. We are experienced in finding realistic and fair solutions that both OEM and 3PL can agree to.