Aurelis aims to stay close to the industry. We and our clients mutually benefit from every interaction.

Examples of how we facilitate interactions are:

  1. Guest speaker
  2. Industry Outlook
  3. Top Management Forum


  • Guest Speaker

Sometimes our clients ask us to be guest speakers at OEM internal conferences or at dealer meetings. In such cases we can provide an expert presenter along with relevant industry materials (such as trends, benchmarks) to drive home the desired message.

  • Industry Outlook

​​In the publications section of this website you will find our annual Industry Outlook report. This report is the result of many months of research as well as interactions with our clients. The Industry Outlook is an ideal content for guest speaker presentations (see above), but also a way to connect with our clients and discuss current developments one-on-one.

  • Top Management Forum

​​Aurelis organizes the "Top Management Forum" for senior Aftersales managers at OEMs. These recurring events can take the form of executive dinners as well as one day discussion sessions. Each forum has a designated topic and is moderated by an experienced Aurelis senior executive.