Market Research

Our market research activities are very extensive and cover the entire globe.

  • Types of Research Performed
    • Overall Industry Research
    • Market Size & Share Estimation
    • Dealer & End-Customer Surveys
    • Spare Parts Price Research
    • Market & Competitor Profiles
    • Custom Research
  • Geographies in Which we Can Execute Research
    Aurelis can execute research in 61 countries around the world and our capabilities continue to expand every quarter. Our stated ambition is to be able to serve all the key motor-vehicle markets in the world. We have a local presence in many countries as well as a network of longstanding free-lancers and partner staff that allows us to perform market research in high quality. Please contact us for more information on the exact countries where we are able to perform research.
  • Aurelis Call Center Capabilities
    We have our own in-house call center in Warsaw capable of performing thousands of calls per week in multiple languages, using native speakers. From our call center we are able to cover large parts of the globe with a very economical cost basis. Having an internal call center allows for greater capacity and quality in execution of market research. All of our calls are logged and recorded allowing a very high level of transparency for our clients and assured compliance with anti-trust regulations. 

    In addition to our main call center in Poland we also have a call center close to Shanghai specific for the Chinese market.
  • Aurelis Survey Capabilities
    We use advanced survey software to administer on-line surveys. We take advantage of survey coding capabilities such as branching logic, piping, custom scripting, conjoint analysis, etc. Our translators are familiar with aftersales terminology in the major markets around the world to ensure that your surveys are to the point. Our survey analysis platform also allows us features such as response rate tracking, password protection and on-the-fly report generation.

Geographies in Which We Can Execute Research

geographies in which we can do research

Dark Blue = countries with prior research experience / Light Blue = countries with research existing capability