Aurelis Data Center

Spare parts pricing is one of our core specialties.

  1. Market Research of Spare Parts Prices
  2. Pricing Strategy Design
  3. Re-Pricing Activities
  4. Bonus & Campaign Optimization
  5. Pricing Tools
  • Cross-Referencing
    Aurelis has its own cross-referencing center in Warsaw with skilled automotive engineers to ensure correct matching of parts.

  • Market Research
    We currently assist several OEMs with spare parts price research across the globe. Our research allows OEMs to benchmark their relative position towards other OEMs and toward the aftermarket.

  • Pricing Strategy Design
    We help our clients improve the way they do spare parts pricing. This includes strategic as well as operational improvements. This includes complete re-design efforts as well as just surgically targeted improvements. Our expertise in the are of pricing is unique, few consultants can match the depth of understanding and experience that Aurelis can bring to this subject.

  • Sales Allowance Optimization
    OEMs can spend millions of dollars in sales allowances (bonus and campaigns). We help our clients achieve better results for the spend (either spend less for the same result, or improve results for the same spend). We can evaluate your bonus and campaign designs (both sell-in and sell-out) and improve your setup with concrete recommendations and designs. Ask about our campaign effectiveness and bonus simulation tools.

  • Pricing Tools
    In order to support OEMs with better pricing practices, Aurelis can provide custom tailored software tools. Such tools increase the level of stability in spare parts pricing departments by systematizing good practices. We offer a range of different tools, please ask us about how we can address your individual needs.