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This report is specific to Water Pumps.

Aurelis’ Product Profiles are reports narrowly focused on one very specific type of spare part. The reports contain technical / engineering related data, information about customer requirements, as well as information about market size and share. While the technical information is universal, information bout market size and share will be specific to the European market. Reports are written for a management audience: succinct and easily digestible with numbers, diagrams and graphs — not a lot of text to tediously slog through. All of Aurelis Consulting’s Product Profiles follow a similar structure and format so that multiple countries can easily be compared with each other. Each single country report has approximately 30 pages. This report will be delivered in PDF format. It is optimized for screenshow / printing with a 16:9 horizontal orientation.

This report is specific to passenger cars (PC). It excludes light commercial vehicles (LCV) and commercial vehicles which can be ordered separately. Customers that purchase this report receive a company license for their geographic area. I.e. all employees of the purchasing entity may access the report within a major geographic area. Major geographic areas are defined as: North America, South America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia (excl. China), China. Reports purchased are specific to the year outlined here in the webshop, and do not include the rights to future updates or historical reports. Reports from Aurelis consulting may not be re-sold, shared with outside third parties or published into the public domain. Media, government, academic, and financial institutions that wish to publish excerpts should please contact Aurelis Consulting.

Report Contents:

  • Definitions
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Definition of Aftersales Categories Used
  • Definition of Competitor Classification

Technical Information

  • How the Product Works (simple explanation for non-engineers)
  • Technical Characteristics (Categories / Types / Variants)
  • Product Qualities Offered
  • Typical Failure Rates / Replacement Rates
  • Trends in Parts Consumption and Underlying Reasons
  • Repair Process (Replace vs. repair, repair cost, etc.)


  • Manufacturing Techniques & Technologies
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Typical Manufacturing Costs
  • Key Suppliers

Customer Information

  • Who is the Customer?
  • End-Customer Preferences
  • Importance of Branding
  • Customer Repair Journey

Market Size & Share (Parts & Labor)

  • Market Size (Parts & Labor)
  • Share of Parts vs. Labor
  • Market Share (Parts & Labor)

Market Size & Share (Parts Only)

  • Market Size (Parts Only)
  • Market Share (Parts Only)
  • Key Sellers (“Top 5 List”)

Competitiveness & Price Indices

  • Assessment of Aftermarket Competitiveness (level of competition, homogeneous vs. heterogeneous, etc.)
  • Aftermarket Parts Price Indices
  • Aftermarket Total Repair Price Indices
  • Typical Surcharges and Discounts on Recommended Retail Price (RRP)

Market Player Profiles

  • Profiles of Key Suppliers
  • Profiles of Key Re-Manufacturers
  • Profiles of Key Aftermarket Distributors

1 Note that prices are net prices excluding Value Added Taxes. For commercial customers based in Poland, 23% VAT will be added.

Access restrictions

  • Vehicle OEMs
  • Financial Investors
  • Governments
  • Academic Institutions
  • Journalists

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